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10 Things You Have in Common with Custom Puzzles for Kids


Puzzles are fun, but they have functions that are much wider and can be used to enhance a child’s development. Jigsaw puzzles can improve psychological health while contributing to the development of many other skills.

Custom-made puzzles are lovely and can turn out to be super cool and fun as a gifting product. Instead of buying these jigsaw puzzles from shops designed by other people, you can customise your own by adding your own text and image. All of the custom based puzzles provide flexible features that help one to design it as per their kid’s need or likeness, which are:

  • Choose the number of pieces
  • Make it Magnetic or plain cardboard
  • Pick your photos
  • Write personalised text

Below are some benefits of creating custom puzzles.

1. Hand-Eye Coordination

Custom-made jigsaw puzzles for kids allow the development of hand-eye coordination. These games enhance the ability to coordinate hands, eyes, and mind and work together to achieve the final goal of creating the puzzle.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Every custom puzzle has this inbuilt feature that enhances kids’ fine and gross motor skills without them being aware of it. The picking up, holding and pushing around enhances these skills.

3. Memory and Cognitive Skills

Logic puzzles for kids make it possible to enhance memory and develop reasoning skills. A custom-based puzzle can implement several things that improve cognitive skills and encourage kids to think abstractly. Such enhancement of adaptable thinking to figure out which shape to place and remember the patterns makes it exciting to gain knowledge.

4. Problem Solving and Self-Correcting

Most of the custom puzzles have a unique feature in common that enables problem-solving skills. There is no shortcut to solving a personalised kids puzzle, and a child is forced to think critically in all aspects to figure out where that particular piece should fit.

5. Improved Concentration & Patience

Puzzles offer a fun way to improve concentration and patience. In custom-based puzzle games for kids, you can test their patience skills. Because if a piece does not fit, there is nothing they can do to cheat, and testing the fit is a great exercise to increase the patience level. It might take several attempts, but it will help kids focus for long periods.

6. Objectives & Goals

The objective of a custom jigsaw puzzle is to learn in a fun way. In custom games, the common thing is that you can set a custom puzzle as age-appropriate. You can make it a little complex by enabling images from their book characters or fictional ones. You can even set up a few different strategies using the likes of colors and specific shapes to meet the goal of solving the puzzle. Creating a custom puzzle allows the child to know the goal of putting it all together and then they get a great sense of accomplishment once it is done.

7. Shape Recognition

To complete a custom puzzle, one needs to use the shape recognition strategy, as every custom puzzle has this as a common factor. The different shapes stimulate brain cells and make kids self-correct to search for the perfect fit. It is organised so that it helps to meet the final objective, which is to solve the puzzle.

8. Learning New Things

In every custom puzzle for kids, a child gets to learn different new things. By solving puzzles it helps your child to identify and encourage imagination and creativity.

9. Social Skills

While designing custom puzzles for your kids, you can connect with them and engage in conversations. With this, you can spend time with them and work together in completing the puzzle together. Thus, it promotes friendships, teamwork and builds a lasting bond.

10. Self-Esteem

Puzzles such as custom jigsaws are made to challenge the young minds of kids and boost their self-esteem level. With sharpening spatial thinking, attentiveness helps build a child’s self-confidence. Completing a puzzle from start to finish is not always easy; thus, it makes kids feel a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to embark on other challenges without getting scared.