Travis Fimmel – Plays Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings

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Born and raised near Melbourne, Australia, Travis Fimmel grew up on a farm. He never expected he would end up being one of the promising actors of his generation. He is best known for his roles in “Restraint”, “The Experiment” and the TV series success “Vikings”.

Playing the role of Ragnar Lothbrok has really put his acting skills to the test, giving him a chance to prove his best. Travis Fimmel has made a wise choice when he decided to star in “Vikings”, these TV series has all the necessary ingredients to become a major hit. And so does Travis Fimmel.

The road to success is paved with ambition

Travis Fimmel grew up on a farm in Australia and this kind of environment nurtures a strong, down to Earth personality. It took Travis some time to acknowledge his passion for acting and to persuade a career in this field. His major influence was his future manager who met Travis in a bar in London where Travis worked as a bartender. He saw the potential that lied in Travis and advised him to go to Los Angeles to try his luck.

This was the turning point in the actor`s life, the moment when he realized what he really wanted to do with his life. Travis had all the necessary qualities for an actor to shine among the rest. He was full of determination and motivation and being an ambitious person by nature, he signed up for some acting courses with the best there is: Ivana Chubbuck, who  gave acting lessons to famous people such as Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and many others.

It is not enough to have talent and Travis knew that. Talent is nothing without ambition and sacrifices. Travis Fimmel gave his best and engaged in extensive hours of acting lessons so he can be among the best new actors at the present time.  The actor hesitated for some time before auditioning for this first role because being this rational, he was also aware of his weaknesses and skills that could be improved. Being a perfectionist, he waited until he felt ready he can act using his talent at its full capacity.

A wide range of roles and acting styles

Travis Fimmel has his personal touch when it comes to acting and you can easily notice that. He picks out roles that challenge his talent, playing different characters, exploring a wide range of emotions and scenarios. His first major hit was with his role in “Tarzan”, which was a 2003 success when it comes to TV series.

Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick

Travis Fimmel showed his courageous side when he decided to do his own stunts in this series. Most people remembered him as being the “pretty boy”, but things were about to change because Travis is not the kind of actor that is known only for his good looks. Afterwards he played the role of a murderer in “Restraint” having a psychological approach this time and showing his capabilities as an actor in a more complex light. “Needle” is an Australian horror movie that won many awards and that aroused the critics` interest in Travis` acting skills. What made him big though was the role of Ragnar Lothbrok in the famous TV series “Vikings” in which he shows that spark when it comes to talent and dedication.

The man behind the acting

What a lot of people seem to cherish about Travis is the fact that being in the spotlight hasn`t changed his personality, not a single bit. His childhood spent at a farm has set his character for the years to come. When he talks he is still the down-to-Earth person that he was before acting, he always picks versatile roles, which distinguishes him from other actors that accept roles that follow the same pattern and end up flattening their talent.

Travis Fimmel wants to evolve as an actor that is why he wants to  exceed his limits and he always chooses different characters and movie with different themes, from horror to comedy or fantasy and on and so forth. People like a dose of mystery and Travis has a lot of aces up his sleeve because you never know what he might choose next as a movie.

He likes to explore the human nature and every aspect of it ; this can be seen in his acting, he reveals a wide range of emotions whether he is on the big or small screen, it doesn`t matter, he gives his best in every role that he chooses, being committed to what he believes in. He is a rational person that will end up being a very valued celebrity; the journey towards that road has already started.

Even though Travis is surrounded by the spotlights and he lives the life of the rich and famous, he still hasn`t forgotten his roots, he constantly visits his family and his childhood house. He likes to keep his private life separate from his personal life that is why most people know more about his roles than his life, which can be a good thing in the end, because it keeps people guessing…

Is there any limit?

Travis Fimmel turned 33 and he still hasn`t found his limits; he strives to offer performances that turn acting into art. He is clearly determined to give his best and nothing will stop him because nothing seems impossible to him. We are all waiting for his next move, what will his next role be? We will just have to wait and see because Travis Fimmel sure knows how to build a mystery.  Travis Fimmel is a classic example of what ambition and motivation can do if you have the guts to persuade your dreams and explore your talents and abilities. He proved that any farm boy can follow his dreams as long as he keeps a cool head about it and this is why he is an inspiration to everybody.


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