Maria Francisca Perello – Rafael Nadal’s Girlfriend

Maria Francisca Perello profile

It is interesting just how much people want to know about wives and husbands of famous sportspeople. You would think that the main interest would be on the sports person themselves, but this is rarely the case.

Why? Simply because we already hear a lot about the sportspeople themselves, and a lot of people want to find out what is going on in their personal lives. Especially if you find yourself admiring the sportsperson, you may wonder what it would be like to live with them on a regular basis.

Seven years of relationship

As such, the best way to look into the inside knowledge on any sportsperson is to look at their significant other. Rafael Nadal is an incredibly popular tennis player, so we’re going to be looking at his other half, Maria Francisca Perello (Xisca).

Although you may not have heard of her, Rafael Nadal has been with his girlfriend Maria Perello for some time now, a matter of about 7 years. The thing is that Maria has kept a low profile so it is likely you will not be aware of her – but for Nadal Maria is truly his life, and is incredibly important to him.At 24 years old she is not the typical girlfriend to a rich sportsperson that you might expect – having recently graduated from university Maria has been described as “a straightforward no-nonsense girl not interested in glamour and fame.”


This is definitely a nice change from what you might usually expect, since Maria, more commonly known by her nickname ‘Xisca’ is an incredibly intelligent and brilliant girl. The couple met in school while growing up in Majorca, and having recently graduated from Palma she is someone who can really hold her own, rather than simply being labeled as a wife of a sportsperson.

It is this fact that really makes her so appealing, and ironically the fact she keeps such a low profile is one of the reasons that people may want to find out more about her. There are not many pages that give information on her and this is the way that Xisca wants to keep it, however there are a number of photos of the young couple together. In every photo that you see of Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello you can tell that they were a couple made for each other. Although many women may be jealous of Maria and many men jealous of Rafael, the couple looks incredibly happy in every single photo of the two of them together – as far as couples go you can tell it is a serious relationship.

Maria Francisca Perello bikini

Great personality

Especially given Rafael’s position, with the ability to be incredibly selective in his long-term partner, the fact that he has chosen to stay with Maria for so long is truly something, showing what a great personality she has and what a great overall person she is. This is not to say that her intelligence is all she has though. If you look at any of the photos of her you can see straight away that she is really attractive and pretty, it is just nice to see that not all famous people choose to go for looks over substance, and the fact that they deliberately choose to avoid the media in general is only a good sign.

And overall they care for each other an awful lot – one of the main reasons for seeing so little of Maria other than wanting to keep a low profile is simply because Maria does not want to distract Rafael when he is playing tennis, meaning that it is rare to catch a glimpse of her even at Wimbledon when Rafael is playing. Throughout the games she was patiently waiting back in Majorca for him, a true sign of a good couple.

So it seems that Maria really is the perfect woman – caring, intelligent and pretty, while “You won’t see her rolling out of a nightclub or laden down with designer bags after a shopping spree.”, she is definitely someone to whom we can all relate.

Not interested in a celebrity lifestyle

Whether you are male or female it is nice to appreciate the values that she holds – to quote another source:

“They are not at all interested in a celebrity lifestyle. They get together when the tournaments are over. That’s how Raf winds down.”

Too often famous celebrities are seen to be these amazingly different people from the norm, who should be adored for their luxurious lifestyles and antics in front of the paparazzi. As such it is refreshing to see that this couple is as close to perfect and normal as you can get – without wanting to draw much attention to themselves they simply get on with their lives, Maria waiting for him patiently as their love continues, wanting to quietly get together as any couple would.

As if this wasn’t enough, family is something that they both prioritize. This is the reason for spending a lot of quality time together in private – it is obviously close relationships with people that they both value, without wanting to tell the press every single thing that they are doing. Maria gets on very well with Rafael’s grandmother, and it shows just how much the both of them appreciate family and close ties.

Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello

While this is endearing overall, it is hard to know what Maria will go on to do in the future. Obviously their relationship seems to be turning out incredibly well so we can hope that this will only continue to flourish into the future, although obviously we cannot easily say anything on that front. However one thing is sure – if their strong love continues then it is certain that as long as Rafael continues his tennis career then Maria will be there by his side, in order to give him all of the support he needs.

If nothing else we can take from this a lot to do with Rafael himself – he is a very sensitive man overall for him to need Maria there to relax after any game, and the idea that she will always be waiting for him as something to look forward to is another really nice thought – the idea of young love such as this overall. Overall there is not much more to say other than to hope that we will see more of the couple. More and more photos of the two of them are being released as we see more of them going about their lives, but the fact that they shy away from the cameras overall is most likely going to prevent there being too much information overall.

Avoiding media attention

In a way, however, perhaps this is a good thing – too many relationships can end due to media impact, and if all that they want is to be able to go about their lives in a quiet way then the least that fans can do is to respect those wishes overall, so that they can go on with their lives without having to pose for the cameras all of the time.

However it is still likely that there will be some updates on their lives overall. As shown by the fact that there is so much interest in the couple, lots and lots of places are coming up with more stories on both Maria and Rafael, with a lot of photos being taken on a regular basis. As such, it is likely that any major developments will be fairly major news, so if you are a fan of Maria, Rafael or both of them then simply keep on track with all news stories concerning them.

Unfortunately it is hard to interact with them online in any way, although there may be some fan pages out there online, there is nothing definite in order to follow them and their lives, since they attempt to keep things private overall.


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  1. Finally someone wrote something about her


  2. She is gorgeous


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  5. andy murray and his girl awesome pic dude


  6. Rafa is such a down to earth and humble guy, despite his fame and popularity. No wonder, he chose Maria as his girl friend. God bless and keep their relationship strong and alive forever!


  7. Rafa seems like a really nice person. He is a true sportsman and even at a young age, showed maturity on the court. However, substance over looks? I think he got lucky that she’s bright. If she hadn’t been as pretty as she is, there would have been no chance.


  8. I like Maria and Rafa very much especially Maria’s affection to Rafa’s grand mother, I hope they get married soon. My whole family loves Rafa very much. He is a wonderful person and also super tennis player. in our opinion he has to change his coach to be back as number one. If he wants to regain his confidence definitely he needs to change the coach.Andre Agassi ,from # 141 in 1997 became world #1 in 1999 after hiring Brad Gilbert. Rafa should seriously think about changing the coach not only for himself but for the millions of his tennis fans.


  9. for Nadel You will always be my ever special favorite tennis player i have a ball signed by you brought to me by my friends from Madrid. I was in Madrid in 2013 Wishing you the best in the world an all the blessings in your continued sucess.


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