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Lea Seydoux profile

Lea Seydoux was born on July first, 1985. She is a French actress and model. She comes from a prominent French family, and she has had an extensive career in film, television, and modeling. Her film career has consisted of American films as well as films from other countries, both feature length and in the form of short subjects.

Her modeling career has been equally impressive, consisting of appearances in a number of magazines and the representations of a number of highly recognized brands. Some of her film appearances have even garnered her recognition in the form of awards, and her roles in many of her movies have been quite major, often extending as far as being cast as the female lead in a production.

Her Family

We mentioned a moment ago that Lea Seydoux comes from a prominent French family, and that is absolutely true. Her grandfather is Jerome Seydoux, the chairman of Pathe. Pathe is a very old film production company. At one time, it was the world’s largest. She is also the grandniece of Nicolas Seydoux, who is the chairman of Gaumont, another large film company.

Some people would say that having such powerful film industry executives in her lineage has been a boon to her career. To some extent, that may be true. However, it is also true that her skills as an actor have more than earned her a place in the limelight of the global entertainment industry. In all likelihood, she would be successful in whatever endeavor she chose to pursue.

Her Modeling Career

One of those pursuits which clearly illustrates what we are talking about here has been her extremely successful modeling career. One of the signs of the success of her modeling career is the impressive list of some of the world’s most renowned photographers that have taken pictures of her. Included in this list are such notable artists as Jean-Baptiste, Ellen von Unwerth, Mario Sorrenti, and Steven Meisel.

The list of magazines these pictures have appeared in is almost as impressive as the list of photographers itself. Those magazines include such notable publications as Another Magazine, L’Officiel, W, Numero, and Vogue Paris. Also, she has now become the face of Prada’s Candy fragrance and their 2012 Resort line. In a nutshell, her modeling career would be impressive even in the absence of anything else.

Her Film Career

Of course, there is more to Lea Seydoux than modeling, and even if coming from such a prestigious family has given her film career advantages, she has certainly capitalized on those advantages to the fullest possible extent through the use of her own very remarkable talent. A large number of her films have been produced outside the American market, but not all of them. Of the films in which she was cast that have been produced outside the American market, most of them have been feature length, but she has been cast in starring roles in a number of short subjects as well. Notable titles among those short subjects include Petit Tailleeur, in which she played the role of Marie-Julie, and Time Doesn’t Stand Still.

La Belle Personne

Of all of the movies this remarkable and versatile actress has starred in, two of them, Les Vacances de Clemence and Roses a Credit, have been made-for-television movies. Of all of the ones that were not, one of the most notable was a film entitled “La Belle Personne.” One of the reasons this film stands out so prominently in her career is that her performance in it netted her a Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress.

The film itself was directed by Christopher Honore, and in it, Seydoux played the role Junie, the main character. Seydoux has also played prominent roles in some television series including Mysteries of Lisbon, a Portuguese costume drama. In that particular series, she played the role of Blanche de Montfort.

American Films

In terms of the American films in which Seydoux has appeared, chief among them have been Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott, Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, directed by Brad Bird. In Robin Hood, she played the role of Isabella of Angouleme. In Midnight in Paris, she played the role of Gabrielle. In Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, she played the role of Sabine Moreau. If the pattern continues, and there is simply no reason to believe that it will not, then the future looks very bright indeed for this young star.


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  1. Léa should definitely have bigger success on international scene, she is so talented and beautiful..


  2. What is she doing lately, any new films?


  3. She is filming La belle & la bête with Vincent Cassel. Should be interesting..


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