Kim Sears – Andy Murray’s girlfriend

Kim Sears profile

Kim Sears was born December 10th, 1987 in Barcombe, East Sussex where she grew up with her brother Scott of whom she is the eldest. She is of natural British decent. Before meeting her current beau Andy Murray she attended Burgess Hill School. She received high grades in drama, art, and music and then proceeded to enroll at the University of Sussex in Brighton where she studied English Literature.

How she met Andy Murray

In 2005 at the US Open, Kim met Andy Murray and has been with him ever since 2006 when their romance became public knowledge. They did breakup in 2009 but it only lasted 6 months. It is rumored that the split was due to Murray’s addiction to video games. It is also said that Murray chases Kim for over a year before she finally relented to date him. Sears has varied interests to include dogs, painting, acting and fitness. Sears has followed Murray around the globe supporting him professionally. The couple currently lives in a five million dollar home in Oxshott, Surrey.

Her background

Sears who has a background in art currently paints portraits of pets which you can find available for sale on her website. Since acquiring a second border terrier named Rusty she has named her painting website Brushes and Paws. She also has a Twitter account named for her dog, Maggie May. She is said to have blogged that eventually she would like to settle down, get married and have children.

Kim Sears on the beach

Recently there was a faux pas performed by a Wimbledon commentator suggested that Sears needed a job. However, reports state that she is taking time off from college to consider her options. The commentator’s comments was said to possibly get her a job although it was a joking matter. The commentator was said to have heard that she was looking for a job during a conversation with her father. Kim has multiple talents as she is a devoted painter, artist, and aspiring actress. No matter what, if Sears wishes to work there are plenty of avenues for her to explore.

She is a very private person

Even Sears’s boyfriend, Murray has made comments that she wants a career and doesn’t want to continue following him on tour. Little is known of Kim Sears. She seems to be a very private person and was similar to Princess Di in the fact that she was unknown until she started dating a British celebrity. Whatever her past, Kim has become a famous face at the tennis matches due to her seeming devotion to her boyfriend Murray.

Initially Kim and Andy had one thing in common tennis. After a six month split the couple got back together, and many feel that Andy couldn’t be without her. Andy, who is known to be moody and unpopular in the tennis arena, has been influenced by Sears. Sears undying devotion has raised Murray’s ratings and has made her a tabloid regular. Her biggest rival seems to be Kate Middleton, as they both tend to have long glossy hair and are very stylish on the side lines.

Fashion rivalry

When it comes to rating either Kim or Kate there seems to be an ongoing battle of style between the two. They are both known for their style on and off the court sidelines as well as their natural beauty. Another similarity is that Sears is trying to figure out her place just like Kate before her marriage to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

beautiful Kim Sears

While Kim Sears enjoys staying out of the lime light, she is focused on her own career, and as such she won’t be at every meet. Kim has said that she leaves the focus as a celebrity to her boyfriend Murray. Although she does stay out of the spotlight it is apparent that the fans wish to know as much as they can about Murray’s girlfriend. Sears doesn’t seem to have an issue being separated from her boyfriend Andy as she adjusted to this when her father traveled earlier on in life.

Her future

What is next for the fashionable Sears? During an earlier interview, Murray had made the comment that Sears was pushing the issue on marriage, but that he hadn’t fallen for it. Rumors have it that she and Murray may tie the knot after Wimbledon in 2013. Being such a private couple off the courts, it is likely that the wedding will be just as low key as their lives. I guess we will have to wait and see what is in store for Kate Sears and Murray next year.

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