Henry Cavill: the actor who plays Superman in the upcoming “Man of Steel”

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The road to fame can represent a challenge for some and this is the case of Henry Cavill, too. He hit the jackpot with a brilliant performance in the popular TV series “The Tudors”. He played Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk and since then the critics have nothing but good reviews regarding his acting. This is the time when Cavill started to be noticed by movie directors too, and now everybody is eager to see him in “Man of Steel” in the role of Superman.

From zero to hero

How did Henry Cavill end up playing Superman? Let`s take a look at his life up until he reached fame. He was born in the Channel Islands and he spent an awesome childhood on the Bailiwick of Jersey. He has three brothers and he discovered his passion for acting at a very early age. Cavill summed up some courage and decided to participate in school plays such as “A Midsummer Night`s Dream”. He also played in another school play “Grease”; he played Sonny`s part. Cavill had the chance to direct and star in “40 minutes”.

Opportunity sometimes comes when it is least expected. In 2002, Henry Cavill ended up playing Albert Mondego in “The Count of Monte Cristo” after a selection that took place at the school he was studying. Cavill was only seventeen back then. He had several TV appearances in “Goodbye Mr Chips” in the same year. In 2003 he also appeared in the entertaining TV series “Midsummer Murders”.

Most Dashing Duke is also a Man of Steel

This can be considered one of his nicknames since Entertainment Weekly decided to call him the “Most Dashing Duke”; acknowledging his talent as an actor and his good looks. Cavill feels that he has a lot to be grateful about when it comes to his role in The Tudors; this made him famous.

This is on everybody`s lips: Henry Cavill, the new Superman. Everybody is curious about how Cavill will manage to encapsulate the essence of this famous superhero. Zach Snyder is going to direct “Man of Steel” and the producer is none other than Christopher Nolan.

But if you take a closer look at Henry Cavill, you can understand why he was picked to play the legendary Superman. His well-defined jawline, his flawless physical appearance and his way of acting have made him the perfect candidate for this role. A lot of us, movie-goers are also comic lovers, making Man of Steel be one of the most expected movies of the year.

A man with a lot of passions

Although Henry Cavill`s greatest passion is acting he thought of other options if his acting career hadn`t gone the way he planned. He seriously thought of joining the army or sign up at a university to study Egyptology, a subject that has always fascinated him. Being passionate about history has helped him play a role in the Tudors; he is a man with many interests and you can see this passion in the way he acts, choosing intricate characters.

His biggest aspiration is to get to play Alexander the Great some day; being one of his favorite historical figures. He used to play rugby intensively but due to some injuries he had to call it quits. Apart from his passion in Ancient History or sports, Henry Cavill also loves languages and linguistics. He can fluently speak French and when it comes to German and Italian, he knows these languages on a conversational level.

He has a brown leather jacket that he considers lucky and he considers this jacket to be his favorite item so far. Although he is involved in so many things, he loves to play video games, too; it relaxes him. Being a movie aficionado, Cavill enjoys watching good movies, his favorite being “The Gladiator”. As far as it concerns his personal life he is currently dating Gina Carano, a beautiful model who is also a specialist when it comes to mixed martial arts.

A different kind of Man of Steel…

Henry Cavill is an atypical Superman although he looks like the character depicted in the comics there are some differences that distinguish him from the rest of the actors that previously played Superman. He is the first non-American actor that plays Superman, being of British nationality. Cavill claims that he hasn`t seen any of the previous movies regarding the “man of steel”, his acting is purely based on the comics with Superman.

He chose not to see the movies because he loves to read comic books and he based his character on some Superman stories such as “Return of Superman”, “Superman: Red Son”, “Death of Superman” and many others. His favorite depiction of Superman is “New Kyrpton” by Geoff Johns and he had a lot of work to do when it came to the preparations for the movie “Man of Steel”. Cavill had to work out on a daily basis and had to follow a special kind of diet for a better representation of Superman and had to dye his hair black.


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Gina Carano and Henry Cavill

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