Hanna Prater – Sebastian Vettel’s girlfriend

Hanna Prater Sebastian Vettels girlfriend

Hanna prater is girlfriend of the youngest ever Formula One Champion – Sebastian Vettel.  She is born in 1987 in Germany and is descendant of a British mother and German father. Hanna met Sebastian Vettel in high school and they have been dating for six years since 2007.

Some experts say that Vettel could become the best driver ever in Formula 1 considering his talent and fact that not only he is youngest ever F1 Champion, he is youngest ever Triple F1 Champion, beating the fierce competition of world class drivers like Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

So why is Sebastian Vettel so good?

My personal opinion is that the major part of his success comes from his calm and stable character mixed with almost religious focus on race driving, where everything else doesn’t matter. Ok, his car and his Red Bull team is outperforming everyone else at the moment, but the differences are smaller than ever, and the skill of a driver is playing crucial part in the racing results.

Vettel’s hard work and focus on success is reflecting on his relationship with his long term girlfriend, his high school sweetheart, Hanna Prater. He is admitting that he is not spending enough time with her. He is on the road for 150 days in a year and Hanna is never traveling with him.

Protecting Hanna from media

One of the reasons why you can’t find her in the F1 paddocks or at the races is in this quote by Sebastian:

Never bring your girlfriend to work with you, if my girlfriend was here I should probably feel the necessity to look after her.

This quote just prove how focus driven Sebastian Vettel is. His focus can only be on one of those two things, racing or loving. When he comes home to their house in Ellinghausen, Switzerland – Hanna Prater is probably feeling like the queen of the world – focus is on loving.

But it’s not like Hanna is not interested in Formula 1, she zealously follow his progress in F1, ever since his debut in 2006. His Red Bull team said that he never introduced Hanna to them. But it’s better that way they think, young drivers should concentrate on their careers.

Hanna Prater profile

Design undergraduate

Hanna Prater is a textile and design undergraduate from Baden – Wurttemberg University and she is now working in a fashion industry. Rumors are that she had to switch universities when people found at that she is Vettel’s  girlfriend.

Bernie’s ambitions

Hanna certainly wasn’t pleased when Bernie Ecclestone revealed that he likes Sebastian Vettel so much he would be happy to be his father-in-law. Bernie said that he like him because he is funny, normal, he has his goals, and he is working hard to reach them.

“I wouldn’t mind it at all. He should give it a try and ask,” Bernie joked to the Bild – Zeitung newspaper.

But Ecclestone probably wasn’t aware that his daughters Petra and Tamara just aren’t types of girls that could attract young Vettel. He is not advocate of glamour, extravagant riches and excessive media exposure that spoiled Bernie’s daughters would certainly bring into a relationship.

Their home

He likes his privacy, a quiet lifestyle in the distant but beautiful Swiss village where he could calm down and regain focus and stamina for winning F1 Championships. And this is certainly much easier in the company of his beautiful and supportive girlfriend Hanna.

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