Daniella Semaan – Cesc Fabregas’ Girlfriend

Daniella Semann profile

Daniella Semaan is the stunning girlfriend of FC Barcelona and Spanish National Team football player Cesc Fabregas. The Lebanese – born Semaan grabbed headlines quickly for being twelve years older than Fabregas, and then stole them outright when she became pregnant with his first child. She gave birth recently during the PSG-Barça game. When Cesc found out about it he had to hurry to the hospital to meet his new daughter Lia.

They Meet

Daniella was lucky enough to meet Fabregas in London more than a year ago now, and the sparks quickly flew. What wasn’t known by many at the time, and perhaps not even Fabregas himself, is that Daniella was still married to her thirty-eight year old millionaire entrepreneur husband, Elie Taktouk.

The two had been married since 1998 and had two children together, an eleven year-old girl and nine year-old son, when Daniella started her fling. To say that Taktouk was surprised at his wife’s infidelity is an understatement. He told reporters that he was in shock for months following the revelation, and the inevitable divorce followed shortly thereafter.

Part of the settlement states that Daniella Semaan is to receive £2,500 each month, although she wants as much as £10,000. Surely Taktouk will come to his senses and give in to his ex-wife’s demands; she must be seen in nothing but the best when she’s with Fabregas, after all. Imagine if she were to wear the wrong designer shoes to an up-scale restaurant. Fabregas might be forced to ditch her right on the spot.

Daniella Semann and Cesc Fabregas kiss

They Kiss

Cesc Fabregas had been growing apart from his then girlfriend Carla Garcia for some time, according to family and friends. When he began dating Daniella a short time later, however, many were left wondering if this other woman had really been the cause of the breakup, and probably none more so than Carla herself. Being a former-WAG is always difficult, and new WAGs don’t make it any easier.

Still, the gossip didn’t keep the two lovebirds away, and they were quickly spotted in France soaking up the rays and each other. Whatever brought them together, it seemed to everyone that they were happier because of it.

Photos of the two with family and friends show them smiling and enjoying one another.  Even Daniella’s children seemed impressed by the handsome footballer. And Fabregas was so taken in himself that he had “My Life D Forever” in Arabic tattooed on his arm. Now if that doesn’t say I love you, nothing does!

They Produce

Now happily a member of club Barcelona, Fabregas and Daniella will have another reason to rejoice. According to a twitter feed from the club, news quickly spread that Cesc’s sister, Carlota Fabregas, posted a comment on her Twitter, “I’m so proud to say that my aunt is no longer the best aunt in the world. Cuz its me!”

The tabloids quickly lit up at the news, and many gossip websites probably saw a server-or-two go down on the day of the announcement.

With fellow Barcelona footballers Victor Valdes, Gerard Pique, Pedro Rodrigues, David Villa, and Pinto also becoming father’s this season, the team might want to think about changing it’s mascot from “L’Avi del Barça” to “Els Nadons del Barça.” After all, I don’t see many grandfathers on the team, but we’ll soon be seeing a lot of babies on their players’ backs.

Daniella Semann and Cesc Fabregas

But Will They Last?

We keep stats on how many goals a player scores in a season, how many assists are made, and the time spend on the field.  Perhaps it’s time we start recording how many girlfriends a player has in a season as well.

Is there a reliable figure for last year? I’m very curious as to who was photographed with most women. Just think, with all of the WAGs showing up in the tabloids on a daily or weekly basis, who can find the time to keep track of who they are or even what they look like? Rules and regulations may need to be changed to account for this growing trend.

And while Daniella Semaan and Cesc will be the first to tell you that they’ve got a match made-in-heaven, Elie Taktouk, Daniella’s ex-husband, predicts that she and Fabregas won’t last.  He’s told reporters that as soon as the money runs out for her new beau, Daniella will be running for the door. Whether that’s the case, or if Daniella and Cesc are truly and deeply in love, there’s no doubt that the tabloids will inform us in a flash.

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