Antonella Roccuzzo – Lionel Messi’s girlfriend

Antonella Roccuzzo profile

Antonella Roccuzzo may be primarily known for her role as the Lionel Messi’s girlfriend – but there’s a whole lot more to this WAG than that. Ruccozzo hails from Rosario, Argentina but has since moved to Barcelona to be closer to Messi. Daughter to father Jose Roccuzzo and mother Patricia, Roccuzzo is a big family girl and adores her two sisters, Paula and Carla.

Genetically blessed

The raven-haired beauty recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, a boy named Thiago. Genetically blessed Thiago shares his birthday with Kai Rooney, footballer Wayne Rooney’s three-year-old son and was born on October 5 at around 5pm by C-section. Barcelona soccer super star, Messi, was granted permission to leave his strict training schedule to be present for the birth of his son and later wrote that he was “the happiest man in the world” on his Facebook page. Although his family time was short lived as he had to rush off to paly a home game against Celta Vigo.

Antonella Roccuzzo combines beauty with brains and studied Nutrition Science. She first met Messi in their homeland of Argentina and struck up a friendship at a young age which has led to a lifelong partnership of these soul mate.

An envious lifestyle

The beautiful couple enjoy an envious lifestyle and are often photographed on yachts in Europe and attending lavish events and glamorous parties. It was Christmas 2009 when Roccuzzo and Messi officially got together although they had known each other since they were just five-years-old.

Antonella Roccuzzo Leo Messi girlfriend

Bad rap for a WAG

‘WAGS’ (or ‘wives and girlfriend’) is an acronym that was first penned by British tabloids in 2006 during the World Cup frenzy, in reference to the commonly glamorous women who date sports stars. The WAG lifestyle has become embedded in popular culture with a high media interest in these beautiful ladies with their seemingly opulent and luxurious life styles.

WAGS have become the celebrities in themselves and the media can’t get enough about what they are wearing, which diet they are following or where they are hanging out. The WAG lifestyle has indoctrinated man young, impressionable females with the notion that if they marry a celebrity sports player then fame and extreme wealth will follow.

For love, not money

However, it would seem that Roccuzzo is with the handsome Argentian striker for one reason only – love. There are no diva-like antics, or public disputes for this attractive couple and whenever they are photographed together seem very content in each other’s company, and very happily in love.

They are rumoured to be cementing their relationship very soon with wedding bells set to be on the horizon. Ruccuzzo is not only beautiful but she retains a thick skin, as many of Messi’s female fans have been heartbroken to learn of the couple’s love affair and birth of their first child. WAGS get a bad rap in the press and are often described as vacant gold-digging bimbos who distract their professional athlete partners from their sport.

WAG under pressure

The more successful or beautiful the WAG, often the more they are abused by the press and public. The undisputed Queen of the WAG Victoria Beckham knows all too well how true this is. Wife of former-England player, David Beckham, Victoria has long been under public fire from everything from her weight, to whether or not she smiles enough when she is seen out in public, often described as “pouty” and miserable looking. Similarily, Kristin Cavallari, fiancée of American Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Butler has been accused of distracting her partner on the sports field.

Lady luck

WAGS are renowned for their hair extensions, acrylic nails, breast implants and designer labels and it is to be hoped that Roccuzzo will be able to rise above the challenges and close media scrutiny that she will undoubtedly face. It can be tough being a WAG, particularly if you are one like Antonella Roccuzzo whose motives for being with her partner are pure. However, it seems that Roccuzzo has lady luck on her side. She is young, beautiful and madly in love. Roccuzzo, we wish you well!


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